Friday, 29 April 2016

Do you prefer to stay in a guesthouse or bed and breakfast?

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I have always preferred to stay in a bed and breakfast when I went on holiday whether it was the Isle of Wight or Dubai. It is nicer to stay at a hotel but then this depends on the price. Certain destinations abroad like Egypt, Dubai, India have hotels that cost the same or cheaper than a guesthouse in London. Of course there are hotels that are not affordable but I did stay in a 5 * hotel in Sharm El Shaikh and Cairo and both were very low rates. This is about 10 years ago. London guesthouses and bed and breakfasts vary greatly in room rates. At Rose Guesthouse where I work in London, we do not offer breakfast though from time to time we have provided breakfast. Presently we upgraded the rooms and provide a self catering facility which is the normal electric kettle for tea, toaster, microwave, small fridge/freezer. The microwave we added for the comfort of the guests and at their request. With a guesthouse, a lot of customers would like ............................

Annie Bennett - Customer Services Manager
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